What did we escape from?

The city.  Melbourne specifically.  We had a fun time living there for a while, but the great big catch is that you have to work a lot just to pay the rent and a lot more if you're lucky enough to have a mortgage.  The cafe's, the restaurants, the bars... they're great.  But you have to work all week for the privilege of living near them and it's you and every other poor sod trying to jam themselves in at the same time to relax each Sunday morning or Friday night.  Things like cafe's lose their value then.  Or they did for us.  We moved to the country so that we could test leaping off the cost of living treadmill.  It turned out to be the best decision we'd made so far.  Living in the country isn't perfect, but what we have in abundance now (relatively) is time.  Time for eachother and time with eachother.  We both work part time now, but we've got far more money to spend than we did when we were working full time in the city.  My commute takes six minutes instead of an hour and there's always a table for us at the places we like to go to.  There is time and space to to figure yourself out here.  That can be scary for some people.  Without the chatter of millions of other people around you, there is room in your head for thought and you need to be ready to hear your own thoughts - you know, the proper ones - when you move to the country.  But as Bill Callahan puts it, 'anything less makes me feel like I'm wasting my time'.

With thanks to TwentyFourBit and Bill.

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