September 11, 2014

Wow, it's spring

I truly cannot believe that the last time I posted here it was the end of summer.  

The last three months have been huge for the two of us.  It is with a braver heart and more experienced eye that I walk through my life now.  There was free falling and pain in my work, new life, death, more death, a move to the country and a very legit new job for A.  I've learned that I am strong and that I can survive real life's happenings.  And I can honestly say that I sit here today a much more fulfilled person than I was 3 months ago.  While our hearts were breaking and we were learning learning learning, we also managed to stay really active (for us) and get out a lot.  Here are some of my favourite pictures from the cold parts of 2014:

Mucking about at Maroondah Reservoir.  Whenever I think of this, I can't get the Augie March song out of my head for days.

Mount Oberon.

Dusk walks around Tidal River.

Ferreting around on Mount Buninyong at the Winter Solstice.

Finally getting our tattoos.  Oh my god, how do I stop myself immediately getting ten more?  I have plans...

Bush walks whenever we could.

Norman Beach.  This is one of my happy places as the sun's going down and everybody else leaves.  Like clockwork.

Beautiful reflections.

Our furry new family member.  She's not the new life we had been expecting at the start of winter, but she's tops.  And fairly feral.

More of Wilsons Promontory.  I do love it there.

Foggy foggy last days living near the lake.

Missing seeing these guys pottering around eating weeds.

A steely day at Lake Burrumbeet spent with hawks and a mouse.

And finally wintery giants on Mount Buninyong, which is right by where we live now.  It's an extinct volcano and so we have fun poking around in the crater and gathering implausibly light volcanic rocks.  The Keyeet balug clan of the Wathaurong tribe occupied this land before us and I read that some of their stone tools have been found here.  Amazing.

Here's some Augie March for you.  It's not Maroondah Reservoir, because that's nowhere to be found on the internet, but nevertheless...

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