February 28, 2014

I'll catch you up

Hi internet!  I should catch you up on what I've been doing lately and why I went silent.  I last posted on January 19.  After that we went camping with an excellent lady friend of ours at Langi Ghiran.  I wont forget that camping trip because I had a beautiful dream about an Aboriginal man who was also a kangaroo.  He visited our tent and made me feel reassured that we were safe staying there.  The area has been inhabited by the Djab Wurrung people for at least the last 22,000 years continuously.  That's amazing.

Just after that we went to stay in Ocean Grove for a week with my family.  Our goal was to lie on the beach, boogie board (heaps) and drink beer.  There was some family crap going on, which tends to happen when we all get together, but at least there was plenty of beach time.

And then, after all that, we went on a road trip up the coast for 2 weeks.  I'll fill you in on that later!

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