January 19, 2014

Life train

This is a quick check in to let you know that we are full steam ahead on the life train right now.  I have been jogging three times per week for two weeks now.  By jogging, I mean shuffling angrily and then walking intermittently, but I'm doing what my iPhone tells me to and if the phone isn't telling lies, I'll be able to jog five kilometres without stopping in six more weeks!  That's about 4.95 kilometres more than my personal best.

I've also downloaded the Yoga Studio app. for the iPad and I've done a half hour session almost every day this week.  I feel a bit addicted.  I've never really tried yoga before.  I think that I've been to two classes in my life before this.  During the first one the instructor and I got into a weird situation where whenever we caught each other's eye we would burst out laughing, which undermined the relaxation somewhat.  And the second class was only memorable because somebody passed gas loudly during a relaxation pose and because I was 19 at the time, I thought that it was scandalous and hilarious.  I still remember it 13 years later.  You really hope that nobody remembers your faux pas for 13 years don't you?  Anyway, I've discovered that I love yoga.  I love it.  The story goes that my Mum was in a yoga class when her waters broke with me, so it's meant to be I reckon.  My body feels strong in ways I never knew it could.  I've also started describing everything in terms of energies.  For example, "that brussel sprout has a weird energy, I think I need to not eat it".

And if that's not enough, we've also been swimming laps at the pool a couple of times each week, which will keep my hairdresser making sneering remarks about the state of my hair, if nothing else.

We haven't had a television for about three weeks now and it's been phenomenal.  At first I would walk in the door after work and stare longingly at the space where it used to be and panic a little bit.  But after a while I began to love the time I suddenly have on my hands and I'm doing things like jogging, yoga, cooking better meals, drawing, painting, writing, reading, checking the oil in the car, Googling "why does Alexa Chung have such skinny legs?"... the possibilities are endless.  And by the way, she forgets to eat when she's stressed, so lay off ok?  Without the tv in our life I feel so much more relaxed. I hadn't realised how much it was geeing me up.

Here are some photos from the last week.

Last weekend I had a bit of a meltdown over family stress, so I took myself for a picnic in the botanical gardens.  The sequoias are my favourite thing in the gardens and I can't wait to see them in their natural habitat one of these days.  I think botanical gardens are cool because they're the result of people being awed by nature and wanting to show it off.

The picnic hit the spot for me.  After a few hours spent lying under the trees in the heat eating antipasto, with butterflies and dragonflies zipping around me, I wandered out of the gardens with a pretty glazed blissful expression on my face.  And some twigs in my hair.

I don't know the name of this tree, but the spiky leaves twist around the branch in a spiral.  Fancy that!

This was my view for the afternoon.

One of my relatives created many of the marble statues in these gardens.

Can you see the light flickering on the tree?

The next picture reminds me of a song by Bill Callahan.

Another day, we walked up to the lake after dinner.  We do that a lot at the moment and it's a delight to sit and watch the moorhens diving and kids fishing for yabbies.  Plus there's dogs everywhere and because we can't have a dog in our flat, we perve on everybody's dogs.  There were some beautiful colours that night and the next four photos haven't been filtered.  Because nature did it better.

These are my new shoes.  I like them.

In the last week the temperature suddenly shot up and it was about 40 degrees Celsius for five days.  As usual, that meant there were big bush fires.  The worst in our area was in The Grampians (Gariwerd), one of our favourite camping spots.  You can see the smoke haze from the fire in the next photo.  I read in a news article that the plume of smoke from the fire was so large that it created its own weather, including lightening!

And this is a photo that I took during our jog today.  These are corellas and I like the way they squawk.  They come across as a bit hysterical.

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