January 11, 2014

Ch-ch-ch changes

It definitely wasn't an intentional new year thing, but there have been a lot of changes made around our house lately.  Even a little bit of time off work gives you space to clean out the cobwebs.  And I really like change.  Change exhilarates and excites me.  Just ask my ex-boyfriends ha.  I feel like I'm evolving all the time, but it's not a lack of identity thing.  In fact I feel like I'm moving towards being a stronger, more satisfied woman all the time.  So, we're paring life back and selling our tv and all other extraneous electronics.  We have a desktop computer, two laptops, an iPad and two iPhones.  It's excessive.  And I have a feeling all of sudden that the screens are sapping my strength.  I move from screen to screen.

I still get a lot out of the internet.  Some of the people I like most don't even know me, or that they inspire me all the time.  But I want to achieve a little more balance and reduce the supply.  It might seem like no big deal, getting rid of the tv, but it has always been a nifty anaesthetic for me on days when work has filled my mind with too many questions.  To be honest it has felt a bit scary getting rid of it.  But I had this idea the other day that we only form memories when something unusually good or bad happens, and so time spent in front of the television is wasted time.  Old news for many people I'm sure, but it's a new idea for me.  So I'm going to try to spend my down time reading books (a lost art when you're studying), making good food, writing, studying, learning how to play my mandolin and doing any one of the many things that are actually nourishing for my soul.

That doesn't mean that I wont download the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and chortle along in my dressing gown on my days off, with teeth that need brushing.  I just wont sit down in front of my television and accept whatever it throws at me.

In other news, the weather is still being weird.  But, when I hear about polar vortexes on the other side of the world, I think I might just shut up.

Here are some photos from the last week or so.

This is a Michael Leunig drawing that I keep beside my bed because I like the colours.  If you don't know who he is, I highly recommend looking him up. Although, he is openly political and if you're the sort who thinks that it is possible, or even desirable, to separate politics from daily life then you may be offended.  For me he captures the pathos and joy of existence perfectly.  And he has so much affection and humour for animals, which I can relate to.  We had one of his poems read at our wedding and the plan is to have parts of it tattooed on our arms for our first anniversary in February.  You can see the poem, called The Path To Your Door, here.

On New Years Eve we walked around the neighbourhood taking photographs and drinking pre-mixed margaritas by Skinny Girl.  That's some money well spent.  (not really)

It was a beautiful warm night and seagulls were wheeling and trying to eat bugs.  I may have eaten a bug or two myself, by accident.

Life finding a way.

Greens and what-not.

That's a pre-mixed margarita being had while standing over crispy flowers and leaves.

I'm a bit taken by this photo.  It has good lines and if you're looking for meaning in things, it could represent being tethered by expectations and systems.  Yes yes I'm a social worker.

This was New Years Day at Queenscliff beach.

We ate some pretty average pastries in the car while seagulls plotted to kill us for them.

Beach colours are fairly gorgeous aren't they?

This is my new necklace that I ordered from Is Was + Will Be.  Grouse hey?

This is a photo taken at a gig that we went to at the Northcote Social Club.  We had a beautiful night with dear friends drinking cocktails we can't really afford and good tequila.  The headline act was a blues singer who was pretty fun, but I couldn't shake a feeling of sadness for a girl in the front row being plied with drinks by a predatory guy (you know the ones).  She became so very drunk that she was twerking - yes twerking - to the music.  And then the singer threw her out of the gig calling her disrespectful.  I couldn't shake the feeling that the wrong person was being condemned.  What about the guy bringing her beer after beer who would try to have sex with her when she's unconscious later? She twerks because society told her that her worth lies in how many men want to have sex with her and she was drunk because a guy was trying to date rape her.  Not cool all round.  But, we stood by like everybody else and didn't offer to escort her safely home when she was thrown out.

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