October 7, 2013

Last week

The last week has been about learning and domesticity for me.  I work with some ridiculously generous women.  They're always bringing beautiful edible things that they've made, grown or baked in to the office.  One of my colleagues has an awful habit of baking for us whenever she's stressed and since our work can be intense, she's stressed pretty often.  

Lately I've been feeling guilty that I don't contribute food-wise and so I've decided to become an amazing baker.  But before I proudly place my wares on the lunch room table, I want to feel at least semi-confident that my offering will inspire awe instead of politeness.  So I've been practicing.  These brownies with white chocolate chunks are #2 of my recent forays in to the baking world.  They may not be pretty, but they tasted very good.  (It's a bit confronting realising how much crap goes in to sweets though isn't it?)

The other project going on at our place is Operation Green to the Max, which involves acquiring as many plants for our flat as possible.  We want to grow vegetables and herbs among other things, which is a bit challenging with only a balcony.

I don't have a straightforwardly good relationship with gardening. When I was a kid I would stay with my Nan on school holidays and potter around in her greenhouse trying to propagate plants.  I would lovingly fuss over my cuttings for hours each day... relentlessly pouring water, sprinkling plant food, potting, re-potting and giving them names.  They would all be dead within about 2 days, probably because I wouldn't leave them alone, and since I was a kid I have had many (many) more plants die at my hand.  I want so much to be a good gardener, but I'm pretty sure I have a plant killing curse.  We'll see.

This is our new bathroom plant.  It has thick soft leaves with white edges and it swivels around as the sun moves.

This is a future mojito.

That's a cactus who looks like a pin cushion and a beautiful silver leafed plant that is my new favourite.

This is a picture of my blazer collection (the rack on the right).  I have upwards of twenty blazers.  That's a normal amount right?

This was the sunset that we saw from our balcony a few nights ago.

This was the day the sky was blue last week.   

And finally, I made three trips to Melbourne this week.  Two to expand my mind and one to buy myself trinkets and drink cocktails with my sisters.  These are all pictures from the train.

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