September 16, 2013

Getting by

It's been a stressful couple of weeks at our house.  Things piling up and a return to wintery weather has led to some hard core grumpiness and head clutter. Here are some photos that I took a couple of weeks ago when it suddenly became spring.  I will stare at these longlingly while I clutch a hot water bottle to my chest and feel unhappy that I smell like rubber.

Recently Australia elected a conservative Prime Minister who has placed only one woman in his entire cabinet.  He does not support gay marriage.  He has vowed to undo the work done to address climate change by the previous government, because he doesn't believe that climate change exists.  And, he has promised to 'stop the boats'.  That means turning refugees travelling by boat away from Australia using the Australian Navy.  If refugees land here we are bound by the United Nations Refugee Convention to offer them asylum, so he's figured out a clever way to avoid being inhumane.  Right?  This is a cartoon that Alex drew of him.

This is a drawing of the other guy who was running in the election.  He is a controlling nerd who used to be quite principled.  Now he's conservative too and also likes to pick on traumatised refugees.

We went away camping with some friends on polling day.  Nobody wanted to listen to the news because we knew that the (more) conservative party would win.  There was talk of staying in the bush for the next three years until it's all over.

Anyway, we're going to swim laps at the pool, cook nice things and set aside time to do things we love to shake off these blues.  It'll work.  It always does.  These rosemary cookies I made last night turned out real nice.

Here's an oldie goodie for y'all.

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