August 26, 2013

Trying to love winter

Although winter where we live is relatively mild when compared to other parts of the world, it still feels gruelling. The lack of sunlight brings everybody down by the end of the season and I tend to develop an unreasonable hatred of knitwear by August.  This year, Alex and I made a plan to try to love winter for its own sake, rather than doing the usual and waiting angrily for it to be over.  So while our friends hopped on to planes headed for northern parts of Australia and Mexican beaches, we stayed where it's cold and had wintery fun.

We started with a weekend staying in Apollo Bay and some nosing around along the Great Ocean Road.

We also clambered around on Mount Warrenheip, drinking tea from the thermos and checking out the new growth after last summer's bushfires.

We appreciated the changing moods of Lake Wendouree and ran away from stampeding birds.

We went snowboarding at Mount Buller where there was hardly any snow, but we felt giddy all day long nonetheless.  The drive home that night was beautiful.

We went to Melbourne to see Laura Marling sing in a church.  It didn't hit the spot, which was strange.

Then we saw Sarah Blasko play here in Ballarat and she was plucky and funny and fantastic and her band made every song sound like a James Bond theme.  In a good way.

Next we pretended to care about football (that's AFL) and were surprised to find ourselves having a really fun time. Alex's team walloped my team and we had delicious hot chips and terrible jam donuts.

We walked under beautiful wintery boughs at night.

We appreciated the lake's moods some more.

And then we went on a trip to Tasmania.  Hobart is excellent and we want to live there now.  Most of these pictures are from a boat trip that we took around Bruny Island, which is in the south of Tasmania. As you can see nature embarrassed itself.  I was excited to spot some fur seals chilling on the rocks.  They are very cute and they really stink.  Like bum.

This was a chilly sunset a few nights ago at the lake (again).

And finally, this is happening.  And it's about time.

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